Legal form

The Verband der Freien Sparkassen e.V. (Association of German Independent Public Savings Banks), founded in 1920, is legally capable in accordance with § 21 of the German Civil Code (BGB).  


Five independent German savings banks, i.e. banks which are not bound to municipalities, and a German public-sector savings bank derived from an independent savings bank are regular members of the Association. Thirty-three independent savings banks from eight other countries in Europe and the Association of Swedish Independent Savings Banks (Sparbankernas Riksförbund) are associate members.

General Meeting

The General Meeting comprises representatives from the regular member savings banks. Associated members do not have a voting right.

Board of Management

President Dr. Tim Nesemann, Bremen
Association Director
Chairman of the Board of Management of Die Sparkasse Bremen AG

Dr. Harald Vogelsang, Hamburg
1. Deputy Association Director
The Chief Executive Officer of HASPA Finanzholding and Hamburger Sparkasse AG

Frank Schumacher, Lübeck
2. Deputy Association Director
Chairman of the Board of Management of Sparkasse zu Lübeck AG

Dr. Gerhard Fabisch, Graz
Associate member of the Board of Management of the Association in an advisory capacity
President of the Austrian Savings Bank Association
The Chief Executive Officer of Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG


The Verband der Freien Sparkassen e.V. (German Association of Independent Public Savings Banks and Girobanks) is a regular member of the Deutsche Sparkassen- und Giroverbandes e.V. (German Association of Savings Banks and Girobanks) Bonn/Berlin, member of the Wissenschaftsförderung der Sparkassenorganisation e.V. (scientific promotion body of the Savings Bank Organisation), Bonn, as well as a member of the Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation, Bonn.

Information in accordance with section 5 TMG:

Verband der Freien Sparkassen e.V.
based in Frankfurt-on-Main
Register of associations Frankfurt VR 4419

Represented by
Board of Management: Dr. Tim Nesemann (Director), Dr. Harald Vogelsang, Frank Schumacher
Universitätsallee 14
28359 Bremen, Germany

Phone: +49 421 179-1933
Fax +49 421 179-3653

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